Rosslyn Chapel & The Borders Tour

1 Day Tour


Rosslyn Chapel & The Borders

An area full of legends and myths. The Scottish Borders are an ancient area with a long history of battles between the warring factions of Scotland and England, and its Border Reivers, who raided and plundered from both sides. The rule of law only reached these lands after about 1620. Now it is all calm green rolling hills and farmland. There are many stately or noble houses, castles and astoundingly beautiful abbeys to visit.

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Tour Highlights

  • Floors Castle
  • Traquair House
  • Rosslyn Chapel
  • Melrose Abbey
  • Tweed Valley


Starting from Edinburgh at 08:30
Rosslyn Chapel
With its strangeness, odd architecture and mystery is brought up to date with the movie Da Vinci Code. The chapel was begun in 1446 and has been associated with the Knights Templar and the legend of the Holy Grail. The whole chapel is well worth seeing for all aspects, but as well as myth or legends, it is still a place of worship. There is a well-appointed visitor centre with good catering facilities. Guided tours are available. From Roslin village we head south stopping at Peebles and the beautiful river side walk, if desired.
Traquair House
Scotland’s oldest inhabited noble house, 900 years, with its Bear Gates closed until a Stuart is again on the throne a tour of the house gives a strong sense of the presence of Mary, Queen of Scots with some of her personal belongings in the house.
Melrose Abbey & Scottish Borders
Through the beauty of the Scottish Borders to this magnificent ruined abbey. Robert, the Bruce has his heart buried here. One of the most famous Kings of Scotland, The Bruce had paid to restore the Abbey after yet another war with England had left it in ruins. For over 700 years the Abbey served the community from 1146 to 1810.
Floors Castle
A fairy-tale grand house. Scotland’s largest inhabited Castle A truly Grand Mansion for a Duke sitting right beside the River Tweed. 5 star visitor attraction. Spend the whole day here if you want. The gardens are spectacular; with unique features like the Victorian Walled Garden. 3 shopping and eating areas to wander and experience in addition to the arts & Tapestry tours inside the House.