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About Us at the Kelpies

Our Philosophy

"Making our Dealings Beautiful so we Make them Right", is LinkTours business way of being.

Since Scotland is a cool green country and very pleased to have visitors from all over the world; why don't you come and experience, explore, and enjoy this beauty!

Policy Statement

Linktours are committed to the concept of Access for All.

  • We will at all times endeavour to promote the equality of all, treating everyone with respect and dignity, thus enabling our clients to be free to enjoy their holiday pursuits. We will do this by thoughtfully taking each individual's needs into consideration.
  • The rugged terrain and historical built environment that is Scotland's heritage means it may not always be possible for those with mobility issues to access all areas, but where reasonably practicable we will assist with any adjustments that can be made.
  • We also believe in taking care of the fragile ecology and environment of our country and planet, and so, to that end we use ecoflex cars and are ecosensitive in our use of materials.

Our People

In LinkTours we have more than 45 years' experience of Scotland and the UK. This experience ranges across tourism, hospitality, education, community and cultural events. We will plan your trip with you, provide guides who know about Scotland and drivers who have a wide knowledge of attending to passenger needs.

Our staff are all English speakers and are supported with natural speakers of Arabic and Russian.

Don't be left out in the cold.

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